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    Mid life crisis career change… Remote jobs?

    I would hate to be miserable making a living and waiting on a pension omo
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    Slipping/falling with a hands free rifle carrier

    I’ve had multiple slips trip falls. if your in rugged country just strap it to your pack or carry it. I can’t stand slings, their always crawling down my shoulder with gravity. Always trying to keep it on 🤬
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    Buying guns on forum

    i have all my stuff insured $100 a year, if I’m buying I get pictures of the item serial number and have a phone conversation with the seller. Sometimes do FaceTime. If it comes up missing it’s considered stole I’m covered. Never had any problem, these forums are moderated very well by members...
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    Great Customer Service

    Blackovis, excellent policys, customer service and pricing, no questions asked just made it right
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    One leg shorter than the other

    As said above, find a good shoe repair shop or a cobbler Old school is usually best but not always Have someone help you measure the discrepancy of your leg length by your hips. Start with a magazine or two until they are even that will give you the height at heal. , pm me if you have question.
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    National Forest CLOSED for 60 days, For "Public Health and Safety"

    I believe most of them do very little and never held accountable for anything. Common sense is just non existen. great pensions though 🤬
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    Elk Hunting Reality

    The mind is a battle feild where most victory’s are won or lost. Good luck
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    Question for leftys

    I’m right handed and have shot left handed with right handed guns my whole life I’ve been ambidextrous also but sounds quirky writing it down.
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    Building a forever home. Do's and don'ts

    as said above no stairs, steps, auxiliary wood heat, which we always use, lots of windows for natural light. And no neighbors has been a plus.
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    Your hunting money

    I have a separate business account used for side hustle stuff and were frugal debt free and the Lord has blessed us abundantly. Merry Christmas to all
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    Baby its Cold Outside! What's your temp?

    18 western Oregon rain is freezing as it hit.
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    Seek Outside U-Turn Mods

    I just put the nuts bolts on shove it in the ground, have spot welded the nuts that go on the bottom of side of the stove, and spare nuts.
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    Largest bodied black tail you’ve seen?

    In the 80s I worked on a power line project in southeast Alaska, we flew everywhere in a chopper and there were giants on top of those islands. The ones in the lower ares were about the size of yearling.
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    Report Violations on Public Land!

    Hmmm🤔 what a contrast of opinions for an outing. The countdowns getting closer every day
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    The future of NR hunting in Wyoming

    And then the best is left, California, Oregon, Washington, maybe Nevada. 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
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    CO OTC Elk 2023 Questions

    I think there’s no far away from people anymore unless it’s controlled by caps or or draw. End of season seems to slow down numbers or midweek.
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    WTS TW 200

    Have a 98 Yamaha TW 200 $4000 excellent condition all set for hunting 1975 miles runs excellent upgraded tires, new chain, lower geared sprockets, racks, rebuilt carburetor, electric and kick start. Seat pad, Part trades Swarovski Kuiu katana xl, nightforce. Nice enclosed trailer tandem axle...
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    Idaho Tag Site Already Crashed

    If I’ve figured it out they have to take it to the state legislature to start the process which they started to in 2016. There were troubles in the past with insider deals apparently, who would think two legislators getting bighorn tags the same year. A draw system would at least cut back on...

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