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    Sold Non insulated Crispi Nevada sz 10

    Size 10 regular width Non insulated Crispi Nevada. Bought in February of 2022 and worn for one Pennsylvania whitetail season. Crispi waterproofing cream applied and in perfect condition. $275 tyd
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    Best Backpacking belt

    Marsupial belt will fit everything you just said there.
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    Arrow Saw Recommendations

    Decut as been great for me.
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    Runaway Llamas - Unit 17

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    WTS Kids hunting boots

    Sorry! That would be helpful. $45 shipped per pair.
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    WTS Kids hunting boots

    kids hunting boots size youth 1 Lacrosse 800 gram insulated and waterproof. perfect condition no tears or leaks. Worn one season by my son. $45tyd
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    Crispi Nevada - what size should I get.. socks

    I have a pair of Nevadas, and I agree with the posts above. Don’t size up, get your exact size.
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    Sold Stan Perfex medium, long neck thumb button

    Like new medium Stan Perfex long neck release. Comes with all the adjustment pieces. 190 + PP fee tyd.
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    Sold Mathews SW 70 lbs F mods

    70 lbs F mods 85% let off. $45 tyd
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    Sold Kifaru small belt pocket RG

    Brand new, never seen the woods. Ranger Green belt pocket. $38 tyd. PayPal friends and family or you pay the fee.
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    Sheep feet arches

    Great to hear!
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    Sheep feet?

    Yeah I’d try again. My email Was in regards to a figment issue I was having and they got me squared away pretty quick.
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    Sheep feet?

    I emailed them directly off their website and got a response in less than 24 hours just a couple days ago.
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    Crispi Altitude

    I know they were just newly released but wondering if anyone has got their feet in a pair of the Altitudes and what their thoughts were.
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    Sheep feet insoles

    I just got mine 2 weeks ago. Wore them on a turkey hunt this past weekend and they were great. Good cushion and feet weren’t fatigued. I’m impressed and wouldn’t hesitate to get another pair.
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    Sold Federal premium TSS .410

    4 boxes (3 full boxes 1 box has three) 18 total. federal premium tss 410. 3” #9 shot. $105 tyd. Buyer pays 3.5% if using PayPal G&S .
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    Elk 101 or Elk collective?

    I’ve been using Elk101 for the past few months. I really like it. I can turn it on while driving and listen and catch up with the videos afterwards. Some pretty good nuggets of information.
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    Sold Sitka 70L drifter duffel

    Original sitka 70L drifter duffel. Perfect condition, no rips tears or holes. Venmo or PayPal. If using G&S add 3.5%. $125 tyd