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  1. CJF

    WTS Maven B3 8x30

    Pm sent
  2. CJF

    Moose Brisket

    Can’t be much different than elk, but a lot bigger. For my elk brisket I smoke it for a couple hours to give it the flavor them pressure cook it for about an hour to make it tender. Then sear it in a hot skillet to give it char….the pressure cooker takes the smoke char away. Slice thin against...
  3. CJF

    Hunting Land Frustration

    Whether you realize it or not, they are probably helping your odds of seeing mature bucks as much as any management practice could…especially if they are killing some does along with those bucks…..imo
  4. CJF

    first lite ads?

  5. CJF

    Elk Stolen in Billings

    WKR strikes again!!!
  6. CJF

    What is BOAL? Here’s your reference guide. It’s the most detailed and thorough reference guide ever assembled. May the odds be ever in your favor.
  7. CJF

    WTS Anyone else catch this deal??

    Me in April: man I wonder if they have any .308’s left in stock…click. Slight confusion followed by laughter, knowing I’d been had. Me in September: man I wonder if they have any .308’s left in stock…click. Dingleberries, not again!!!! Fool me once shame on you, fool me twice shame on me geez...
  8. CJF

    Saddle hunters

    I’ve never weighed mine so I can’t contribute in that way, but like others said if weight is the only consideration then your missing the greatest benefit in my opinion. It’s slim and packs easily and comfortably compared to any stand I’ve used. Even if my saddle setup weighed a few pounds more...
  9. CJF

    Wyoming Antelope Hunt

    What’s the name of that clip /link where to buy? That looks handy.
  10. CJF

    Ear Plugs while solo camping

    I play the white noise app on my phone…drowns out some of the woods chatter.
  11. CJF

    Who's sleeping 2 guys in a traditionally sized 2p tent?

    OGDL would give up a BOAL to sleep 2 guys in a 2 person tent
  12. CJF

    Gaiters Do you use them all the time?

    Yep. The only time I don't is if I'm on a trail. Even if its dry they save me from ripping my pants often. Like Poser said they do get hot.
  13. CJF

    Boudin !!! Input??

    …but seriously. Put it on a cracker. I always eat it with a saltine cracker and Louisiana or Crystal if given the opportunity. Smoked (225-250) long enough to crisp up the skin of my favorite way to cook it.
  14. CJF

    Hunting ideas for a 9 year old

    If he has passed the hunter safety course he can get a small game license. Load up and head to Colorado and hunt grouse in the mountains (not during a rifle season)….I suggest late September when the aspens are golden. Make it a cast and blast…catch some trout too. It will get him experience in...
  15. CJF

    Critique my Backpack Hunt Gear List

    Backup water treatment tablets or drops?
  16. CJF

    Running Vest

    Solomon advance skin 5 I have had mine for a few years….not sure why it took me so long to get a vest, it’s worth every cent.
  17. CJF

    WTS 30 Cal 180 grain Accubonds - 50 count

    True...but Accubonds they are not!!
  18. CJF

    Mining Tram & BunkHouse

    ...they also had a life expectancy not much over 30. They truly lived the adage "get rich, or die tryin". It is absolutely impressive what they accomplished in the high country, especially considering they were living in a pre-global warming environment; must have been snow up there year round!