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  1. Fullfan

    Did any NonRes NOT apply for 2023 Wyoming elk?

    I did not, have a month planned this spring chasing gobblers in the mid West. Several weeks shark fishing in June/July. And a month scheduled for Sept bulls in Idaho.
  2. Fullfan

    Will you take 80.00 for the Phelps call and other stuff

    Will you take 80.00 for the Phelps call and other stuff
  3. Fullfan

    Archery DIY Elk options?

    No doubt like mentioned above, take up fly fishing or golf. Both will cost you less and are done mostly on flat ground. Times have changed in the western states. The days of OTC tags are almost over, Colorado is the last holdout. You can prob guess, when hunters don't get drawn in other...
  4. Fullfan

    Anyone Lose a Rangefinder In Colorado?

    Good for you. Know 8-10 guys that hunt Colorado. Not sure where they hunt. Will ask if any of them lost one
  5. Fullfan

    elk hunt - archery or rifle

    Rifle hunted elk for many years. Just started bow hunting them 10 years ago. I wish I would have made the switch 35 years ago.
  6. Fullfan

    Who has the most updated satellite images?

    I zoomed in on the image, made it blurry. with Huntstand you can pick the month you would like to look at. W GAIA you can only look at current.
  7. Fullfan

    Who has the most updated satellite images?

    HuntStand has monthly updated photos. Click on the attached pics. One is Oct, other is Dec. same location
  8. Fullfan

    You have one shot, one broadhead….

    Magnus Black Hornet ser-razor
  9. Fullfan

    What’s you’re draw weight vs Age

    58 and pulling 68
  10. Fullfan

    Paranormal Experience Tonight

    Yep time to get Bubba a brother.
  11. Fullfan

    Crispi Boots Fit?

    Have two pr of the Idaho GTX II in 10.5. and one pr of Lapponia in 10.5. All fit true to size.
  12. Fullfan

    Idaho Tag Site Already Crashed

    I was there and saw it first hand. The outfitter that was where I was, sold 6 hunts w grantee tags. According to him, after I questioned him as to why he was there.
  13. Fullfan

    Ice fishing…. Anybody got ice?? Pics?

    No ice yet. Going to be 40 and rain the next few days here
  14. Fullfan

    Anyone had to take someone to Small Claims Court?

    For me it was a waste of time. Restitution ordered for me. Receive it at 1.73 a month on a 5000.00 4 wheeler.
  15. Fullfan

    Sold Iron Will 100 Broadheads

    Ten 4. Sent you a DM
  16. Fullfan

    Sold Iron Will 100 Broadheads

    What do you need for the all the replacement blades ?
  17. Fullfan

    WTB WTB Ruger m77 mark ii LA zytel skeleton stock

    I also see he dropped the price to 350. I’m a member on that forum. If you want the stock, I can get it for ya. Just let me know
  18. Fullfan

    WTB WTB Ruger m77 mark ii LA zytel skeleton stock

    There was one listed yesterday on
  19. Fullfan

    The most repeated thread topics *or* posts?

    I’m shocked by the amount of guys who get elk tags in Idaho, that have no clue where the unit is. And then come here asking about that unit.