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    Pad and Pillow for Side Sleepers

    I use the ether lite xt, the grey one, and have been very pleased with it. With a nemo switchback ccf pad underneath I’ve been comfortable at 0F. My brothers also a side sleeper and raves about the exped ultra 7r.
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    Only Small Binos fit me! Aaaagh...

    I’ve never used them, but some of the porro prism models marketed more towards astronomy may work, they seem to consistently go down to 56 mm. Fujinon 16x70, Oberwork 15x70 ultra, and the APM 16x70 magnesium all seem to get good reviews on the astronomy forums I’ve looked. These are all on my...
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    Puffy Jacket Giveaway

    ID cow hunt with my Dad and brother, if I’m lucky enough to notch mine early my Dad has got a cow tag for an adjacent unit we’ll go after too
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    Help - Best Reliability: Toyota 4Runner v Subaru Ascent v Kia Telluride

    My wife and I have had great luck with Kia’s and my parents have had the same with Hyundai’s, we’re leaning heavily towards a Kia when we need something bigger but that’s not for a few more years
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    Determining Unit Boundary

    As I’ve been scouting the unit I drew this year I’ve found a meadow that’s frequented by a significant number of cows, given I drew a cow tag that’s fantastic. Unfortunately from what I can see the unit boundary goes right through the meadow, at least that’s what Basemap shows. The unit boundary...
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    Alone....what roksliders do you think could do it?

    You can watch for free on the history channel website, I think there’s a short delay between a new episode on tv and it getting posted but not long
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    WTS Swfa 6x moa

    I’ll take it PM coming
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    Is Pueblo a ghetto??

    I know a handful of people that work in Pueblo, not a single one lives within 30 miles of it
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    Compare notes based on PSA thread - your day packs

    First aid kit Small fire starting kit Tarp/emergency bivy Headlamp Water purification/filter Snacks Rain layer Insulation layer (fleece or puffy) Backup batteries Medical supplies (type 1 diabetic) Knife Paper map
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    What packs are all you gram weenies using?

    Kuiu Lt 4000, right about 4lbs. Haven’t had it out hunting yet, but multiple other trips and really like it. Done some training hikes with a 50 lb sandbag in it and it carried as well as I could have hoped for. Minimal increased weight to go with one of the bigger sizes as well
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    Idaho Draws

    Drew elk but not deer, don’t know about my Dad yet
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    Idaho Draws

    Good point, made me go check. Per IDFG’s website: “If reduced-price nonresident DAV tags sell out, nonresident disabled American veteran hunters can still buy an adult nonresident tag at full price. They may also apply for controlled hunts, and if they draw, they can purchase the tag at the...
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    Idaho Draws

    Unless they’ve changed it in the past 2 years, if you qualify for a DAV tag and draw a controlled hunt then you get it at the discounted rate. At least my Dad did in 2020
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    Go to sleeping pad?

    Sea to summit ether lite xt has treated me well
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    Hunting Efficiently with RedKettle, give a welcome & win!

    Welcome, looks like that could some the problem I and many others have had over there years
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    Celsius vs Fahrenheit

    The 32 degrees makes more sense looking at the history of the system. 0 F was where brine (or sea water) freezes. The upper reference point was based off of the average human body temperature (a couple different theories exist as to how this was determined). Then over time the entire system...
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    Pack for the wife

    As far as frames packs, I’d echo what @gosailthesea said. My wife knew what pack she wanted, but we went and she tried on a variety of different packs with weight in them, and ended up with a different pack entirely that she now loves. Fit is so important, and personal, with these that you have...
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    Lightweight Tripod

    I’ve heard really good things about the Kramer Designs Granite Peak. Comes in at 8 oz or less and less than $150. It does not have a fancy head set up, and is probably best left to smaller optics (no 100 mm spotters that’s for sure), but seems to be a great option if it fits your needs. I know...