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    Ford 5.0L V8 vs EcoBoost: High mileage experience?

    If you are replacing an engine due to excessive oil consumption at 163k you would hate the 5.3l Chevy. I had a 2007 Yukon XL with the 5.3 and at 36k it started burning a quart every 1000 miles. Chevy called this normal! Then at 96k the oil sludged because of the MDS cut off. I thought i...
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    Baby its Cold Outside! What's your temp?

    This was my house on Friday with a High of 58*. Three hours before high tide moved the cars to higher ground. 4 neighbors lost cars and we all got at the very least flooded basements. After the flood went away it dropped to below freezing by 5pm and Saturday was a high of 8* with a negative 30...
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    Subaru durability

    About 4 years ago I asked my mechanic what vehicle had the least amount of issues when we were looking to replace a SUV for my wife after we lost one in a flash flood. He said by far the best vehicles he had worked on was the Subaru. We have been going to him since 2001 and he has been the best...
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    TRT Anyone?

    I am friends with my cardiologist and he said it sounds like my machine was broken after a discussion with me. He was at the hospital doing rounds and when I got to his office and the nurse he had take my pressure asked me about it she literally was panicked when I said what my machine said...
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    Wind proof Fleece Jacket?

    I was one that touted the Windshear and a couple weeks ago bought a Sitka Jetstream with Windstopper. I hunted a few weeks ago with it when the actual temperature was 26 and the wind chill was said to be in the upper teens and I was fine. This morning I wore actually what should have been...
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    TRT Anyone?

    I never had high blood pressure but went off TRT after 9 months when my BP was 201/165. Now I am on BP meds and honestly don’t feel much different since stopping the TRT. I am lighter now than I have been in years and my fitness is better than when I started and I have been off it since...
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    Wind proof Fleece Jacket?

    That looks like a great jacket if it is windproof. Do you have one and is it really Windstopper or something else because the description doesn't specify?
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    Did you miss an animal this year?

    I learned some hard lessons with the recurve and now fully understand why many call it the strugglestick. My confidence going into the season was very high ( I came in second at the state 3d championships my first year with a recurve.) but after the first few weeks of November it was at an all...
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    Wind proof Fleece Jacket?

    If you are on a budget and it sounds like you are. I can tell you first hand that the windstopper clothing from Cabelas is very good at stopping the wind. It's quiet but is not an athletic cut like Sitka or Kuiu. It works great for late season layering. I am using the Cabela's Legacy fleece...
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    Wind proof Fleece Jacket?

    Which Kuiu piece are you talking about? Is it the new line for whitetails or the Peloton 240 that many say is very wind resistant? I love the 240 but IMO it’s NOT wind resistant at all. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Sitka traverse, dakota jacket and jetstream

    I just got a Dirt Jet Stream from Camofire. The older one with two front chest pockets. I agree it’s louder than what I was expecting but not awful. I hunted in it yesterday morning for the first time. It was 26 degrees with a windchill in the upper teens. I layered under it a short sleeve...
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    Mystery Ranch Terraframe 50 VS Pintler

    The Terraframe 50 and Pintler are identical except the Pintler is 500ci smaller and significantly more expensive. I see no advantage for the Pintler . I have the Terraframe 50 and love it. Haven’t gotten to camp with it yet but I use it to train, packing in my sticks and stands when I am going...
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    ANOTHER stolen bull…this time Aron Snyders?

    Bull of a lifetime. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    ANOTHER stolen bull…this time Aron Snyders?

    No he says he did MMA and I have never seen him in any database but the fact he is friends with Gladiator’s Unleashed who did fight in the UFC it’s plausible. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Anybody ever get shingles?

    I got it in July but was super fortunate. I got it on my back and thought it was poison ivy since it showed up a day after I was scouting a patch of woods. All I had was itchiness and no pain. That apparently is the exception to the rule. The doctors prescribed a lotion and within a week I was...
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    Did Bowmar buy PSE?

    I never heard of him until I saw the thread about the spearing of the bear. I looked him up and haven't thought about him except when I see threads and memes about him and poaching, Aron Snyder and Levi Morgan mentioning him. He means nothing to me and I am sure most that have posted on this...
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    Did Bowmar buy PSE?

    99% of the people that bowhunt have never heard of him or for that matter AT so if true that he bought PSE I am confident it wont matter unless the quality goes down or the prices go up exponentially.
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    I’ll be using Rothaar Snuffer 125’s out of my stick bow. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Did Bowmar buy PSE?

    The Bowmar’s have made millions selling supplements for working out. That said I would imagine they would need other investors and really lever up which doesn’t make a lot of sense with interest rates up almost 500% YTD. Only time will tell. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Backpack recommendation for white tail saddle hunting

    What did you end up going with? Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk

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