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    Favorite 280 Remington load for elk

    My favorite 280 has a 24" custom barrel and the most accurate load chronographs right at 3,000 fps with the 140 AB pushed by a reasonable amount of powder. I have another one with a 22" barrel that is a bit slower, but just over 2,950 fps. If I was hunting heavy timber I believe that I would...
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    Favorite 280 Remington load for elk

    I have taken a few elk with a 160 Nosler Partition pushed by either IMR 4350 or 4831. The past few years I have been using a 140 AccuBond and IMR 4831. Both loads have shot well in my 280 Rem rifles.
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    First time Western Hunt

    I have been hunting elk for the best part of the last 50 years and have taken dozens of elk over that time. Good boots are probably the most important piece of elk hunting equipment, and good binoculars come in second. You can absolutely "make do" with an inexpensive pack for a while, but in...
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    If you wanted a big elk?

    It is called a Commissioner’s License, they are donated to various non-profits and then either sold or raffled. Somewhere around $20,000 is the going price. I would imagine you could find the details of how to buy one with a google search.
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    If you wanted a big elk?

    The hunts there will cost that much, but without a hat full of points the only way to get a license is to pay dearly for one. Wagonhound will help a fellow find and buy a license, and currently that license would cost around $20,000. All together that would be at least double the budget.
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    How to become a better rifle elk hunter?

    I hunt alone. Some guys like to get a crew of helpers to spread out and find elk. Having a crew to help find the elk and then watch through their spotting scopes to call shots for the shooter has become popular with some fellows, but not for all of us.
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    How to become a better rifle elk hunter?

    To each their own. I have killed a few dozen elk. more than my share, over the years without using my spotting scope on public property during the season. During the season I use my binoculars, and then my boots. When I have access to private property, or have a tag for s special unit/area, I...
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    How to become a better rifle elk hunter?

    I sit and glass dawn and dusk when scouting an area. I put the spotting scope away when season starts. On public land in most places I have hunted if you can see elk far away so can a few others guys. Spotting elk two miles away on public land might work some of the time, but other times it...
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    Rifle Elk Hunt

    My comments above are based upon the specific properties that are under lease, not the entire region.
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    Rifle Elk Hunt

    J&J leased property in the South East looks pretty good, but 1 PP will not do it. Their other two leased properties in the South Central and West look like a big waste of time and money to me.
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    How to find a reputable outfitter and get a tag for that hunt?

    Less than $5,000 each is going to be tough. I know a couple of fellows that have taken hunts in that price range and both of them say they wasted their money. Both of their hunts were on small private holdings and then public land in areas that had many public land hunters already pounding the...
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    ISO a WKR hunting partner for SW Montana rifle

    "Bull Of A Lifetime" is often abbreviated as boal.
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    Hunting etiquette?

    I guess you are just looking for support and justification, and not really open to the idea that you just may have been inconsiderate. From the story that you tell my take is that the other hunter was there first and you crowded him out. Since it is public land everyone has the right to use...
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    WY Elk Guide suggestions

    I know an outfitter or two that would be happy to cash your deposit check, even if you do not have a realistic chance of drawing the license. The good outfitters will not take your deposit and tell you they are saving a spot in camp unless they are fairly certain that you will draw the tag.
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    WY Elk Guide suggestions

    Of course on Youtube or TV it would usually be referred to as a 340 bull. An honest 280 bull is really a pretty nice bull. You might want to reconsider your expectations before trying to describe them to an outfitter. Start talking with the outfitters now, but think about delaying the hunt...
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    Cow Elk Outfitter Recommendations

    I agree that area 6 is good if you can book an outfitter. Some of them are booked several seasons in advance. I also agree that Table Mountain is one outfitter that I would absolutely not recommend. They have quite a reputation for overshooting on their leases.
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    Pack List Review. Spike camp maybe in order.

    Not a bad list at all for a fellow that has not done this before. Staying mobile with the camping gear sounds great, but it can be a big pain in real life (I have done it). Sometimes you have to make a move quickly to get a chance at elk and a full pack makes that very difficult. If you see...
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    Suggestions For a New Hunter

    Gather points in Colorado and/or Wyoming and consider drawing a non-trophy license (doe deer, cow elk, etc.). Buy a reliable bolt action rifle in whatever standard cartridge chambering floats your boat (perhaps a 308 or 30-06). Put a simple and reliable medium power scope (3x9, 4x12, etc.)...
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    First Rifle Elk in Colorado - Need Advice

    I have seen elk move away quickly when they hear an ATV during daylight. They might be useful for packing out or putting in a spike camp, but I believe that they are too noisy for most hunting purposes. After season opens most elk will be found where most people will not, or can not, go.
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    6.5 creed vs 30-06

    Nobody will ever convince the true believers that their favorite cartridge is not the best ever. There is a difference between shooting at game standing in the open, and shooting at game in other situations. The long range 'snipers" have a different view of the world than the timber hunters...