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    WTS The pay it forward / free gear thread

    I'll take the McAlister
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    Pistol brace news

    Bingo.... I don't support it, but if that's the case I'll be registering a few to save the $200 and add a few more sbrs.
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    What waders are you guys running?

    Cabela's SuperMag waders have held up the best for me, I used them for the past 10 years
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    New Mexico Sight Seeing/Pre Scouting Trip?

    I'm debating on if the US64 route makes more sense on this trip with the our route going to the enchanted circle so I think that's what we are going to do. Do you think that it would be worth the backtracking to see that vs going up US64? That looks really cool, but I am thinking about going...
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    New Mexico Sight Seeing/Pre Scouting Trip?

    Well, this is the a rough route that I am thinking about taking for the trip. I am thinking about going to most of the spots mentioned and heading to the Navajo Dam area to fish in the area (I'm not trying to fish for trophy trout, I would be happy doing a little fishing on side of the road...
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    New Mexico Sight Seeing/Pre Scouting Trip?

    We are flying in the Sunday of the festival. Do you think it would be worth rescheduling flights to come that Saturday to see it?
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    New Mexico Sight Seeing/Pre Scouting Trip?

    Thank y'all for the for all the advice. I really appreciate it.
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    New Mexico Sight Seeing/Pre Scouting Trip?

    I'll add that to the list. We would love to see some wildlife and the mountains. I'm researching draw odds to try to make a plan for some stops. Thanks
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    New Mexico Sight Seeing/Pre Scouting Trip?

    I am going to New Mexico with my wife for a conference and we are planning on flying in 3 or 4 days earlier for a last minute vacation. We plan on flying into Albuquerque renting a car and traveling around the state sight seeing mostly nature and wildlife plus stopping in towns to eat and such...
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    Best Upland Hunting Vest?

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    New from Oklahoma

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    Hi all from Buffalo NY

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    New from Socal

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    FNG from New Hampshire

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    West Va archery.

    Would you mind sending me a pm with any advice you might have on that area. I'm heading up there next week.
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    Long time lurker