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  1. Browninglover1

    Swarovski NL Pure Binocular

    I have switched to carrying just 12x now but if I was taking a 15x and wanted a second bino it would be my 8x32.
  2. Browninglover1

    Swaro 15x56 SLC vs Swaro NL Pure 12x42

    I have both and have run both side by side a lot. The 12x NL are definitely more versatile and their lighter weight is a joy in the pack. I’m not a magnification whore and often run 8x binos and my riflescopes get turned down to 14-16x instead of their full 24x. However, the 15X SLC still...
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    Your ideal glass setup

    My 8x32 EL are some of my favorite binos I've ever owned. I have a spare set of 10x32 as well that are still nice but not quite as enjoyable to look through. You can find some solid deals on KSL if you're willing to be patient.
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    New Swaro 56mm Spotters ATC/STC

    I've wondered how the little premium spotters compare to larger mid-priced spotters. Could a guy ditch his 85mm Razor and be happy with a small Kowa or Swaro? Or does the larger glass from the mid-priced spotter still give a better viewing experience at the cost of heavier weight? I run a...
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    Really Right Stuff Ultralight Tripod

    At 5” it would be perfect. With its current throw, I can’t quite make the adjustment from my angled spotter to binos.
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    Really Right Stuff Ultralight Tripod

    If you convert the Ascent to a short column configuration it will weigh under 3 pounds and from all sitting positions it's MONEY. However you'll only get about 3" of vertical adjustment from the column.
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    Really Right Stuff Ultralight Tripod

    I am using the RRS Ascend this year with the integrated head. Total weight is under 3.5 pounds and it's proven to be fairly versatile. However, the built in head does not have the range of adjustment that I am used to on my other ball heads so it took some getting used to. The tripod is...
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    N Cache Utah Archery Elk 14 Year Old NR

    Agreed. I was curious how it ended up as well?
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    2022 Best Mule Deer Hunt Photo Contest, sponsored by Kryptek

    My second deer with a muzzleloader.
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    N Cache Utah Archery Elk 14 Year Old NR

    It's not smoky today but the news said the smoke from CA fires will likely be moving in.
  11. Browninglover1

    N Cache Utah Archery Elk 14 Year Old NR

    I assure you there are plenty left! lol Good luck and have fun. You have a chance at finding a really nice bull on that unit.
  12. Browninglover1

    N Cache Utah Archery Elk 14 Year Old NR

    That's likely the South Cache. The North Cache has very limited roads as a good portion of it is designated wilderness.
  13. Browninglover1

    N Cache Utah Archery Elk 14 Year Old NR

    It's considered a tough unit to hunt with a bow but you should be able to find elk. I had the N Cache muzzy tag 6-7 years ago and had a riot even though I never killed one. Luckily you're coming in when the weather cools. It's been brutally hot the past 10 days.
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    Spotting scopes in the $2k range

    Meopta S2 for me. Such a nice optic.
  15. Browninglover1

    Used alpa glass????

    Tough to beat the pricing on first gen Swarovksi EL's when you find a good deal. The SLC HD's can be found for very respectable prices too if you're willing to be patient.
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    Must have for cleaning optics

    Quality optics don't scratch that easily if cleaned properly. Getting dust off via a soft brush or soft air puffs and then cleaning the lenses with a high quality lens solution and lens cloth will keep you in business. In the field I carry a small brush and a lens cloth but only use them if...
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    Kid's Glass

    The Maven B3 in 8x30 would hands down be my choice. It's what I would buy for my kids if I didn't already find a smoking deal on some first gen EL's.
  18. Browninglover1

    NL 12x42 experience?

    I ran the 12x exclusively last year and did a lot of hand holding. As long as I could sit down it wasn't too bad but they were obviously much better when I could put them on a tripod or rest them over my trekking poles.
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    3/4 mile to 2 miles 15x SLC or spotter?

    Your Vortex are helping you find the animals, now you need a spotting scope to evaluate them. I'd keep your current 15x binos and add the nicest 80+mm spotter your budge will allow. I run a Meopta S2 with the 30-60x WA lens and it is awesome.
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    Floating dot or floating crosshair reticle.

    I like the dot better but will shoot either. I've used a floating dot in a Kahles k624i to take a prairie dog at 1404 and a rock chuck at 1590. We call it the "death dot".