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  1. Tcole75

    WTS Mystery ranch beartooth 80

    Ttt 375 obo
  2. Tcole75

    WTS Mystery ranch beartooth 80

    Ttt price drop 400 obo
  3. Tcole75

    WTS Mystery ranch beartooth 80

    Ttt price drop now $425 obo
  4. Tcole75

    WTS Mystery ranch beartooth 80

    Ttt get it before the season progresses much farther
  5. Tcole75

    WTS Mystery ranch beartooth 80

    I have a mystery ranch beartooth 80 in subalpine with the l/xl belt and the medium belt which was never used along with the guidelite frame. I've used it for 2 hunts and have yet to carry an animal out with it so there's no stains. I'm going to a smaller bag is the reason I'm selling. It's super...
  6. Tcole75

    Wyoming unit j (64&65)

    I've been secretly putting my dad in for a mule deer hunt in wyoming for the past 2 years starting in 2021 and this year we got lucky and he drew a unit j general tag. I've been e scouting unit 64 and 65. He just found out today that he gets to try his hand at a mule deer. So far the plan is...
  7. Tcole75

    Sold Pillar bedded stock savage LA

    Whats the weight?
  8. Tcole75

    WTS/WTT Trufire release

    Trufire release make an offer I have another 1 that's the exact same so no need to have 2 its in perfect shape.
  9. Tcole75

    WTS/WTT 6.5 grendel

    Ttt will also trade for rem 700 short action/ clone. Also dropping price to 1000 without the scope and 1450 with the scope
  10. Tcole75

    WTS/WTT 6.5 grendel

  11. Tcole75

    WTS/WTT 6.5 grendel

    I have a 6.5 grendel details as follows #1 * Noreen firearms billet lower receiver * Ar stoner billet upper * Nitrited slab sided bolt with nitrided 6.5 grendel bolt(mpi tested) * Alg enhanced nib trigger with jp spring kit(roughly 3lb pull) * Anti walk trigger pins * Titanium buffer detent,pull...
  12. Tcole75

    New from Oklahoma

    I'm a little late to the party but in the southwest corner there is sandy sanders. There's mule deer, whitetail, pigs, and ive heard auodad are there. I've heard rumors that there are elk there now but not aloud to hunt them.
  13. Tcole75

    Athlon cronus rangefinder

    I have a set of athlon cronus rangefinder binos. Does anyone know of a tripod mount for them I've found the rrs clinch but would rather have a solid center mount.
  14. Tcole75

    WTB Exped megamat lite

    I messaged you
  15. Tcole75

    WTS Vortex Fury 5000

    Are these still available?