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    Early Rifle Colorado Unit 17

    It wasn't a good experience for me. It overlaps OTC archery elk and deer, and rifle bear. I didn't get a camp site until the 3rd day. There were people hiking and looking at the fall colors nearly everyday. Moose season also started and there was a lot of traffic of hunters and helpers chasing...
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    Bowmars sentenced

    Now that they are convicted it should be safe for posting.
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    Wildlife and Mule Deer with Jaden Bales

    It’s a tough hunt. I hunted it this year. It overlapped archery OTC elk and deer along with rifle bear. Then moose season started and surprisingly there were a lot of moose hunters as well.
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    What did you get on Black Friday?

    I bought a taillight for my truck after I backed into a tree while stuck elk hunting and smashed it.
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    Puffy Jacket Giveaway

    I have a December/January cow elk hunt in Utah and a December muzzy hunt in nebraska.
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    Do you hunt to fill the freezer?

    I plan on being unsuccessful. It helps that we raise cattle so there's always a beef for the freezer. My wife loves elk but i'm not a good enough elk hunter to make that happen. If the freezer got to the point of being full, I would buy another freezer before I would stop hunting.
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    Did Bowmar buy PSE?

    Josh did you buy PSE?
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    Did Bowmar buy PSE?

    Sure maybe it’s petty but when there’s smoke there’s fire. In this case there’s a lot of smoke. Bowmars have severe allegations against them. Major poaching case, nutrition supplement defrauding and another case for burning without permits. Seems like too much to be a misunderstanding. And I’ll...
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    Did Bowmar buy PSE?

    With a camera built into the spear tip. That way you can see the world record spear throw at a world record doe whitetail.
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    Did Bowmar buy PSE?

    Maybe I’m reading into things but I noticed Rogan was shooting a Hoyt this fall. I know he and Dudley are good friends so I’m curious if that’s why he switched or because Cam shoots Hoyt?
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    Did Bowmar buy PSE?

    I will not be buying a PSE then. Thanks.
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    Did Bowmar buy PSE?

    I’ve heard this rumor and since I’m in the market for a new bow, I wanted to verify this before purchasing. If they bought PSE I’ll be changing my mind on which bow to get. Any truth to it?
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    Freeze dryer, worth spending the money?

    My daughter is two and we lots of asparagus and halved cherry tomatoes, along with sliced peppers. I imagine the time, cost, and effort it takes to get a quart bag of freeze dried veggies is probably way more with your own machine, but at least you know what you’re eating. I will saw for a...
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    Freeze dryer, worth spending the money?

    My in-laws bought one and use it a lot. They do lots of traveling and like having healthy snacks. They like to send snacks for my daughter. We get lots of things not just whole meals. Lots of asparagus tomatoes and peppers which make great snacks.
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    Anyone else ever get shingles?

    I got it and it was painful. Very random and felt like bee stings. I had it unknowingly and gave my 6 month old daughter chicken pox because of it. I went to the dr got the meds and it cleared right up.
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    Utah FNG

    I am originally from Nebraska, been a U-tard for 3 years now.
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    Utah FNG

    Welcome, I'm north of you up in Weber County.
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    Patagonia donated to fight climate change

    Its an area in Argentina!.
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    Logistical Tips and Techniques for Air Travel to Hunting Destinations

    One thing that I like is TSA Precheck for flying. Depending on the airport this can save you a boatload of time. It's good for 5 years as well and lets you skip all the long security lines. I flew out of Chicago on Christmas Eve one year(non hunting related) and bypassed easily 500-1000 people.
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    Tactical/Backcountry Fitness

    Run. Lift. Shoot. Hunt private ranches only.

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