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  1. Sturgeon

    Best Credit Card Rewards 2.0

    I have a Fidelity card that get’s 2% back on everything plus some bonuses here and there. I just have it all go directly into brokerage account that I buy stocks with. Also have a Chase Rewards and Discover card that alternates 5% for quarterly categories and 1% on everything else. Refferal...
  2. Sturgeon

    Creepy experiences in the backcountry

    About 12 years ago my sister and I were camping outside of Moab. Hanging out by the fire all of a sudden we start seeing these lights floating across the sky. No roads back there so they are not cars lights. Just keep seeing one every half hour for the rest of the night. A couple years later I...
  3. Sturgeon

    Paranormal Experience Tonight

    Did you ever hear from the guy?
  4. Sturgeon

    Sold Large Icebreaker Boxers (never worn)

    Two pair of large Icebreaker 150 weight merino boxers. New in the box, never worn, never tried on, never washed. 1-long ‘cool lite’ in gray blue 1-standard length in black Will ship both for $old Please add fees if using PayPal G/S. Venmo ok too.
  5. Sturgeon

    Oldest Sheep Hunter
  6. Sturgeon

    Garage Heater

    I have a 30k-80k btu propane heater. Ran it the this weekend while replacing the garage spring. At 30F outside even at the 30k setting it was getting to warm in our 4 car garage. I think the unit new is about $100 and I only use it when I’m working in the garage.
  7. Sturgeon

    2022 hunting season

    A Hoyt Defiant, CVA Accura, Ruger M77, Tikka T3X, and Winchester XPR all usually see use throughout the seasons
  8. Sturgeon

    Need advice on a 7mm rifle and scope

    What do you see on the shelves for ammo by you? I can’t say I see any 7mm-08 by me, but do see some 7RM and a lot of .308 win. The .308 win will be ballisically very similar to 7mm-08. I have Tikka T3X in .25-06 and will say I enjoy having a limbsaver on that relatively light recoiling...
  9. Sturgeon

    Cheap headlamp

    I’ve been using these Coast lamps for a while
  10. Sturgeon

    Deer camp traditions

    WI Opening weekend, my dad and I will each take a thermos of hot chocolate and we make sandwiches with venison summer sausage from last years deer. It’s usually the only time all year I have hot chocolate. Used to do a lot of drives Thanksgiving morning and then go into eat. Then next day doing...
  11. Sturgeon

    Missed a big one tonight

    I have two young kids too and just seems too be a lot more pressure to make things happen in my limited time. Last week I had a dandy come in, made a scrape at about 30 yards, cleared some brush and I was drawn on him. He stopped at 20 yards, had my pin settled on him and squeezed my release. My...
  12. Sturgeon

    Investments outside of retirement

    I would buy VTI or VOO and I bonds
  13. Sturgeon

    Puffy Jacket Giveaway

    Doing some duck hunting tomorrow. Quite a bit of rifle and muzzleloader deer hunting coming up. Might do some late bow hunting if I still need ti fill a tag. I have a bobcat tag to fill too.
  14. Sturgeon

    2022 Best Whitetail Hunt Photo Contest, Sponsored by First Lite

    WI buck shot on 11/5/2022.
  15. Sturgeon

    Sold New First Lite Fuse XL Quarter Zip

    NWT First Lite XL fuse ash grey quarter zip. $old, please add 3% if using goods and services.