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  1. tstowater

    Is Utah hitting cards yet?

    I'm due for a sheep tag. NM, CO, WY and MT didn't give me one, so I'm hoping for a Utah desert or Rocky. Might as well dream big.
  2. tstowater

    Taxidermist for Stone Sheep

    Just a thought. Consider whether you want to pay freight on a life-size mount, especially if it has to be be air freight.
  3. tstowater

    AK Sheep, Population Observations

    Based on some feedback that I am getting from a predator control effort intended to help the moose and caribou in the control area, the sheep are being impacted by the predators. Not going to say where as I don't want the efforts to be impacted. The game recovery has been dramatic and the...
  4. tstowater

    Stone Mountain Safaris

    I hunted with the two previous owners, Dave and Leif. At the time the territory was excellent. Lots of dark rams and they took care of their sheep. Stone Mountain is on the Highway so some of the area is accessible by motivated resident hunters, just saying. Don't know this owner, but he...
  5. tstowater

    How many years to draw first sheep tag?

    Been putting in for about 18 or 19 years for a bunch of States. Already have a Stone and a Dall so seeing if I can draw a Rocky and a Desert. Odds seem to get worse every year.
  6. tstowater

    Score these Bulls

    Best guess is that #1 is the best at something around 310. I would put #2 at 280ish and #3 and #4 in the 265 range without better pictures. You have the makings of some nice elk. Would be great if you could let them live another year or two.
  7. tstowater

    First time buying a new bow in 14 years (VXR 31.5)

    I picked up my XVR 31.5 last week. Ordered in Mid March and took that long for everything to show up. Last piece was the Spott Hogg Hunter 7 pin. Guy at the archery shop had shot it before I got there and found that the Carbon Express Maxima Red SD's shot really well ( and they do!). Scaled...
  8. tstowater

    Archery Elk Arizona 2020

    Good luck, I will be just south of you in 27. I haven't decided whether I am leaving on the 6th or the 7th. Going to be picking up a bunch of elevation so I want at least a couple days to acclimate.
  9. tstowater

    Archery Elk Arizona 2020

    I had 18 points so I drew in the point draw. Terrible point creep going on. I understand that there are some games being played in the draw process that hopefully will be rectified in near future. I understand that there are carryover bulls because of the late season weather and the moisture...
  10. tstowater

    Archery Elk Arizona 2020

    Sounds like an opportunity for someone. I drew an Unit 27 archery tag, but I am going to hunt with Hunt Hard Outfitters. It takes too many years to draw a tag for me to not use an outfitter.
  11. tstowater

    Best western boots on a budget

    Don't skimp on footwear. Find a pair of boots that fit and will be appropriate for the conditions. I had a hard time finding boots that would fit. I have a wide toebox and a narrow heel. Through trial and error and some help from the right people, I ended up with a pair of Crispis and a pair...
  12. tstowater

    Stocking up on points

    I spent $155 on Utah application fees yesterday (9 different tags). AZ was $165 for the required license plus the application fees. If you are going to spend the $165 for the license in AZ, why not apply for all the species? It's only $15 each after the hunting license. Utah is $10 each...
  13. tstowater

    Tag Drawing Strategy Questions

    I haven't looked at the point structure for Colorado Sheep, Goat and moose lately. When they changed the application format, that made it effective for many more hunters to apply cheaper. The odds are going to change to the worse after the 3 years are up to be able to get into the draw. The...
  14. tstowater

    Tag Drawing Strategy Questions

    I'm sitting on 15 or more points in every State that has a decent point program. Frankly, that isn't enough. Points really don't mean much in many of the States for nonresidents unless there is a preference for those with the most points (Wyoming for instance and some of the species in AZ) and...
  15. tstowater

    AZ Draw 2020 - Who's in?

    The kids are finally out of school. Time to do some more hunting. Put in for 27 archery only and got a hit. I had enough points that it should have been a no-brainer. Hoping the antler growth is good.
  16. tstowater

    Tape a barrel to keep out moisture?

    I've used the electrical tape for years. I also wrap several turns around the barrel that I can use for replacement after shooting or for other purposes. No issue with change in point of impact. In addition to keeping out moisture, the tape also keeps other stuff out of the barrel.
  17. tstowater

    Jason Hairston of KUIU passed away today

    Jason was one of the innovators in mountain hunting clothing. The changes that he helped spur in that business will have a long term impact. I am very sorry to hear of his passing and hope that he is at peace.
  18. tstowater


    Got "beaver fever" on a moose hunt in BC 12 years ago. Nasty stuff. Antibiotics did not work for me. Fortunately found a lady that is quite good with homeopaths and herbals and that solved the problem. In the process of taking too many antibiotics, my "good bacteria" got screwed up and that...
  19. tstowater

    Your identity may have been compromised (Idaho, Washington or Oregon)

    I PM'd Robby about this and he hadn't had a chance to post this. Seems that a company that was responsibility for applications for Idaho, Washington and Oregon was breached and a lot of data was obtained to have a free for all in the form of identity theft. See these links from the Idaho Fish...
  20. tstowater

    How Old Where You When You Got Your Sheep?

    Stone at 43 and Dall at 49. Need to get back to sheep hunting. Been having too much fun shooting prairie dogs. Seems to be a little less climbing involved but certainly a lot of good trigger practice. Younger is better but time and money seems to be the biggest issue for most not living in...