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    Hanwag Ancash II?

    I have a very wide foot. Yukons I have are wide and needed to be stretched. after my third resole on Yukon i decide i needed to make plans fir a new pair, so I also have Ancash II, the Ancash II, is same heel pocket as the Yukon but much wider toe/forefoot box. I cant tell a mid foot difference...
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    Youngest Female in History to Harvest all Four North American Wild Sheep

    is it the 700 yards or because she didnt use a 223? was it for sure 700 yards, whether 50 or 1200, doesnt look like distance mattered
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    Youngest Female in History to Harvest all Four North American Wild Sheep

    never mind this thread is just sad. so negative
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    5 points in Colorado

    I burned 12deer pts on whats typically a 20pt hunt. Worst hunt in decades, I found three mature buck and killed one of them on last day. CO is basically 1:4 or 1:5pt difference between Res and NR. moral just hunt. I have i think 15 elk points and hunt every year. I’ve only been skunked once...
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    100 grain Barnes TSX enough for hogs?

    my place is void or I’d let you have at it. This was Buddies place down south.
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    100 grain Barnes TSX enough for hogs?

    this thread is funny. 3-4 litters a year, 1-13 piglets per litter. first litter will have their own piglets on the ground around 9 months from time they are born. you do not need a 375 H&H to kill a hog. My 10 year old daughter is over 50 with a 22-250 and 6.5 CM. ethics…. well I’m going...
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    How much caffeine per day for you?

    400-800.. I have kill cliff and fitaid on subscription services
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    CO Wolf Introduction Public Comment

    so if you are a cattle man or sheep guy and your herd starts getting stressed and you loose numbers and or gains its no big deal, no body ranches any more anyway….. got it. CO-cattle 36k ranches @32 million acrs 2.65 Million head of cattle 2.3 million slaughtered @ 2.8 Billion in revenue...
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    If you wanted a big elk?

    yes the S D C’s as you mentioned are hard to beat.. Co or NM with that said most have long wait list because repeat clients keep them booked.
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    Texas Gun Proposals

    they where couple million short a few month ago from taking Texas legislation, its going to be a while.
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    Texas Gun Proposals

    how NY stood as long as it did is unbelievable it was historically put into place to protect essentially Mob rule.
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    Texas Gun Proposals

    you dont need a license or back ground check to buy a plane, you dont need a license or background to purchase online or CD flight instruction. its not even hard to steal a plane. while “illegal” to fly a private plane with out a or an up to date license”s” and up to date medical it happens...
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    Texas Gun Proposals

    the vegas shooter had a cessna 183 airplane. Flying into crowd at night, loaded with fuel and other explosive elements, What would the body count been if he didnt have guns….. Age restrictions mean nothing, other then typically coming up with far more lethal efficiencies. just my 2cents...
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    You like your truck camper shell for Hunting?

    Don’t get side sliding. You can vent out cab window. Fold out windows saves a lot of cussing when something rolls to the front
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    25-06 and Elk

    Ive killed several cows with 25-06 no issues. Killed bulls and cows with 257wby. No issues. All shoots <400. 100gr partition and 115vld
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    Proposed NM Assault Weapon Ban

    I hope the back down liberal agenda
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    CPW Commission is proposing ALL DRAW for elk

    I’ve got 19, I’m in same boat.
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    CPW Commission is proposing ALL DRAW for elk

    I was on the min pt to enter draw, Every Body wants less hunters in the field as long as they don’t fall in the “ less” bucket.
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    Youngest Female in History to Harvest all Four North American Wild Sheep

    That little girl can shoot!!!! Congrats young lady, I hope the fire continues to grow! I hope I get to spend 23 days with my daughter chases stones one day. That just flat awesome Well done dad
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    CPW Commission is proposing ALL DRAW for elk

    Awww you want less pressure but not at your expense… you want someone else to subsidize it….image that… lol