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  1. Jagger0502

    Vudoo Carbon Sinister

    Looking for info on anyone that has used or shot a Vudoo Carbon Sinister 22lr and their thoughts. I am finding very little around the interweb. Aside from the cost, what I have read is it’s a foot in the door for Vudoo to a cross over a rifle for mainly hunting but could also be used in some...
  2. Jagger0502

    Sportsman’s warehouse code?

    Edit: Got one, thank you
  3. Jagger0502

    Let’s Go! New pup

    That’s a good looking pup. Good luck!
  4. Jagger0502

    SXS advice

    Are you looking for something functional for hunting? Or functional that you can show off? Do you plan to drag it thru the grouse woods or clays? I have a few SxS but all used for hunting and I don’t mind getting some nicks and scratches here and there. If you are hunting with it, I do really...
  5. Jagger0502

    Training a bird dog at 5?

    Contrary to popular belief… Old dogs can learn new tricks. If she is willing to learn and you are willing to put in the time, you might just have a good bird dog.
  6. Jagger0502

    Traditional Kill Thread 2022

    Just got him this morning. First buck with my longbow. 30 yards quartering away, centered a rib which I went right thru but deflected up and took out the top of the lung and lodged in the spine. Deer fell dead without taking a step. 60 lb Stalker Coyote
  7. Jagger0502

    Stalker Coyote, Your Setup?

    I had a little twang on mine when I got it from him and realized I had one of my limb bolts a little loose. Might want to double check that. The twang got better but was still there. I am running my brace height right at 7 3/4. 60 lb bow at 28” and I draw 27.5. I am running about 535 grain arrow...
  8. Jagger0502

    First trad bow

    If you go with a bow that you can get additional limbs for you can start off light and always get additional limbs to go heavier. If you plan to shoot regularly I can tell you that a 70 lb compound and going to 40 lbs is good to practice to get your form right. I think you will likely want to...
  9. Jagger0502

    First trad bow

    I bought a Black Hunter for my wife with 30 lb limbs and really considered getting heavier limbs to hunt with it myself. They are under 150 and worth every penny. Plus you can get additional limbs and go up in weight as you get used to it.
  10. Jagger0502

    The Rokslide Stock Traders Thread

    Just heard that Spirit is being bought out by Jet Blue
  11. Jagger0502

    Gap Shooters - Do You Reference The Riser Too?

    I tried using the riser, made up some stickers for yardage and it did nothing but screw me up. Moving your eyes up and down for yardage is one thing to gap off of arrow point. Add in additional left and right eye movement and I was all over the place. I am sure someone can but I was not able to...
  12. Jagger0502

    Install of Antler Limb Bolts

    Mine just has a plastic washer to separate the antler from the limb.
  13. Jagger0502

    Can/Should I Make This Into a Duck Pond?

    Not sure where you are located but near any flyway you could have a good honey hole. If you are not getting some resident ducks shouldn’t be too hard. How deep is it? For resident ducks simply put in a few duck boxes and you will likely have some woodies on there. If you can plant some wild...
  14. Jagger0502

    What Spine? (Bareshaft Pics Inside)

    Paper might not get you the right info. On a longbow you are better to bar shaft shoot at 15-20 yards vs fletched. See where they hit and start working from there. The problem with paper tuning is the arrow off of a recurve or longbow moves and bends a lot more than a center shot compound. Plus...
  15. Jagger0502

    Nuclear War WW3?

    Not worried, if I die, that means all of you have been dead for weeks. Was probably lonely anyway….
  16. Jagger0502

    WTS Dryad drey LL and underquilt

    Can you shoot me a price?
  17. Jagger0502

    WTS Dryad drey LL and underquilt

    Would you separate the quilt? And is the quilt camo or orange?
  18. Jagger0502

    Long bow buck

    Congrats! Nice buck.
  19. Jagger0502

    Velocity Test: Recurve vs Longbow, both 45#

    What is your draw length?
  20. Jagger0502

    MN Pheasant Beginner

    Without a dog things get tough but not impossible. Without a dog and on foot focus on ditches, irrigation rows and dirt roadsides. They hang around theses areas more often than not. Without a dog, just walking thru a field would be a waste of time because they will likely just skirt around you...