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  1. ‘Ike’

    Photography- one photo a day

    They were a lil rut crazy…Lol
  2. ‘Ike’

    Garmin gps with chip vs onx phone

    OnX and BaseMap on phone and inReach Mini …
  3. ‘Ike’

    Wisconsin FNG

    Welcome back…
  4. ‘Ike’

    Sitka Blacktail season 22 heating up.

    Awesome Sitka’s…👊🏻
  5. ‘Ike’

    10 post rule?

    ^^^ 😄
  6. ‘Ike’

    SD Pheasant Hunting

    Great deal…👊🏻
  7. ‘Ike’

    Bird hunting partners (man's best friend)

    Bella my 2yr old GSP…Resting up! :LOL:
  8. ‘Ike’

    Trail cameras

    Have always run Brownings, especially the Strike Force series…Recently trying the lil Moultrie 42’s, just because their size intrigues me, especially when traveling….Sitka Blacktail in SE, AK!
  9. ‘Ike’

    Well??? What do all the old guys have planned??

    Damn, guess I’m in this group now…Lol! Hit 60 in August! Elk, local Bucks, Sitka Blacktail next month and Upland after…
  10. ‘Ike’

    2022 Whitetail meat pole

    Dang it, I need to chase a Whitetail soon…Nice job guys!
  11. ‘Ike’

    What’s in your upland vest?

    As said water, treats for both, small first aid kit for both and when in NV chasing Chukars a emergency sleeping bag…Garmin 550 Pro and Garmin inReach Mini!
  12. ‘Ike’

    First Sitka blacktail bucks of 22

    Excellent…Counting the days, be there in November!
  13. ‘Ike’

    Back again…NorCal

    Sup guys, back again…Originally here at the beginning, but guess after no use, account was poofed…Lol ‘Ike’