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  • Hey thanks I also have a G7 rangefinder and the g7scope love both of them but been thinking about giving SHV a try can't beat the price. Bob does seem to be a good guy and have talked to him a few times and picked his brain. Thanks for the Info and your time
    I forgot to mention. Bob Beck with Extreme Outer Limits has a tv show and website. He is who I buy my scopes and laser rangefinder and gear from. He is a stand up guy, super knowledgeable, and good prices. You can ask him anything and he will tell you what you need to know. If you talk to him tell him Chris in Georgia said hi!
    I really like the SHV by NightForce. I wish it was a bit lighter but I am a big boy and can carry the extra ounces for the definite advantages it gives me. The magnification range is perfect for most all typical hunting applications. I have a pair of NXS scopes that are 5.5x22 with 56mm objectives and NPR-1 reticles. I love the huge magnification when on the rifle range or long range hunting. I had to put a NF scope on my "lightweight" sheep rifle because I will run it with my G7BR2 laser range finder. It is an awesome piece of equipment once you enter the velocity, BC, and bullet weight. It makes shots almost easy.
    I don't have a problem with my cheek weld. If you do you can always install a cheek rest on the stock. Defensive Edge makes one that is really high quality at a fair price. Or you can make your own if you know how to heat and bend/form Kydex
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