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  • Thanks. I thought that’s what you had on. Good luck this year. I look forward to watching more of your episodes. Hopefully I can use what I’ve learned from you on my hunt in Colorado this year.
    Hey Randy. First of all, I really enjoy Fresh Tracks and the info I gain from watching your hunts. I also appreciate that I don’t feel like I’m watching a commercial for the entirety of the show. On to it now. In your shows you often wear leather mitts with what appear to be wool liners. Can please give me details on why you prefer those to a regular glove or down mittens? I have some lightweight Sitka glives, some buckskin work glives, and some Goretex Thinsulate ski type gloves I roare depending on the weather. I’m looking for a warm early morning and glassing mitt. Thanks.
    I don’t know if my message went through, it didn’t show up in my sent box. I love all of your videos and that you are a great ambassador of the sport, any help you can give is much needed! One of my friends has hunted 16e and gave me one general area to try, he is saying to hunt the grass lands, I’d this a good strategy in late rifle, or thicker sanctuary cover. Also trying to decide if a spotter is a good investment? My friend and I are really hoping to hunt both units which will be a large undertaking. Any advice is greatly appreciated
    I never thought that you would be the person to respond to this post, love all of your videos and insight! You seem like a real stand up guy and a great steward and ambassador for hunting! Any insight would be great, I can’t believe my friend and I both drew tags for same Hunt in seperste units, definitely is going to make things interesting as I think 51 is a couple hundred miles from 16e and I’d like for both of us to be able to hunt. Did you draw a tag? Again thank you for all that you do
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