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  • Cory, thanks for you thoughts on the mitten thread. Of the two mitts you mention. The Marmot and the Mountain hardwear. Does one stand out having a tougher shell to hold up against snagging and ripping. Just looking to upgrade before my trapping trip with Babine's and future muskox hunt
    Kyle Sioux Falls South Dakota
    For sure...The Marmot is tough. I don’t know that you could rip them. The MH is more “fragile“...I wore the Marmots on a Polar Bear hunt and they did great.
    The Meindls are in great shape. Wore in maybe 3 hikes. The Ultra Lites look really good but I have wore them all last winter snow shoeing. They are the 800-1000 gram model.
    Hello i was wondering if the hunter frame, 22 mag and mountain warrior was still available?
    Which generation frame is it?
    Please list any flaws in any of the items
    My email is [email protected]
    If you have a set for the Gaiters I would take them, if you could text me a picture that would be great. 405-227-5533
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