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  • I'll take it if you give me like a 3 day money back guarantee just in case. Shoot me an email and we'll get the payment and shipping stuff taken care of.
    [email protected]
    CC11-- It works well. I have no issues ranging deer, etc out to 700+m and then I switch to 'area' mode to get out further than that. I would recommend for 600+ that you put it on something steady or post up on a rest like you would if you were shooting. I used a small joby gorilla pod and had great luck.

    Ill sell it for $100 plus $10 to cover shipping/insurance to wherever you are. So $110 paypal gift if you are intersted.

    Does it still work as it should? And what's lowest you'll let it go for?
    LRF is in great condition no scratches on any lenses. It is a Bushnell Elite 1500 ARC that has 7x mag. It is an older model that takes 9v batteries. It has a retractable nikon 'leash'. It is model year 2009 and I've been the sole owner.

    If you are interested I'm willing to listen to offers.
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